The Filmmakers


A graduate of Ball State University, David Fulton has had a varied career.  He began by managing a recording studio where he worked with many of Indianapolis’ early punk rock bands.  He’s worked with many Fortune 500 companies in producing business to business programs.  In 1994, he formed Image Resources, Inc., to produce documentaries about accident victims for trial attorneys, a service it continues to provide to lawyers around the country.  Currently its subsidiary,, supplies video production services for everything from event coverage to documentaries to online video.


Al Stone’s interest in broadcasting blossomed in the late 1950s.  While working on his Masters and Doctorate at Indiana University, he joined the campus radio station WIUS where he met Jim Hansen who later became his Co-Program Director at WNAP-FM in Indianapolis.  Fresh out of college, the pair were hired, first at WIFE-AM 1310 as late night/weekend newsmen, but quickly jumped to Fairbanks Broadcasting to launch one of the first commercial rock stations on FM … WNAP-FM 93.1.  They hired their college radio pals and signed on the station on July 22, 1968.

In 1977 he started his own audio and video production company – King Media Services – which he operates today. He has composed hundreds of musical jingles for advertisers around the country, and he has written or co-written 20 books. Stone has voiced thousands of commercials, marketing tapes, and audio books, and he continues to perform regularly as a professional musician.


Brad Schuchard is a seasoned video production professional with over 15 years in the industry. As a full-time Producer/Editor, Brad further honed his production expertise working with clients like Ford Motor Company and General Motors and producing segments for several weekly television programs in Detroit.

With experience in both field and post production across a number of different industries, Brad has brought his diverse skill set as a seasoned videographer and editor to Brad has been with the company since 2005.

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