• The name of Bouncin’ Bill Baker’s phenomenally popular morning radio show on WIBC in the late fifties and early sixties was called “Toast and Coffee.”
  • Bill Baker would occasionally get a personal call from Elvis Presley asking him what he thought of the new single.
  • When Don Burden bought WISH-AM in 1963, the sellers thought so little of the value of their FM radio station that they threw the FM station into the deal for free.
  • “The Emperor” Joe Light’s evening show on WIFE-AM is said to have had 99% of the listening audience.
  • When the Beatles played the Indiana State Fair in September of 1964, WIFE sponsored the show in the Coliseum, and WIBC sponsored the show in the grandstand.
  • The sales staff at WIFE would have eleven sales meetings per week – one every morning, one at the end of every day, and one on Saturday at 9am.  Sports coats were required for each meeting, including the meeting on Saturday.
  • Robert W. Morgan was a Los Angeles disk jockey who was so unique that Don Burden cloned the character and created “Roger W. Morgan” for his stations.  At one time he had a “Roger W. Morgan” at his stations in Portland, Omaha, and Indianapolis. There were two different “Roger W. Morgans” in Indianapolis.  We interviewed the second one, who has since legally changed his name to Roger W. Morgan.
  • A staple of “Roger W. Morgan’s” show was to place a prank call and “Morganize” the victim.
  • The nickname “Naptown”, aside from suggesting the residents weren’t very exciting, was derived from IndiaNAPolis.”
  • The first song played on WNAP was “(I Am The) Muffin Man” by World of Oz.
  • The first songs played on WNAP when they went stereo in 1970 were the first two tracks from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  • In the mid-seventies, 50-cents out of every advertising dollar was spent at WIBC/WNAP, according to Cris Conner.
  • The growley voice on the “Wrath of the Buzzard” station ID is that of Buster Bodine’s brother, the late Chuck Riley.
  • WNAP’s mascot, The Buzzard, was inspired by a popular poster at the time which shows two vultures sitting on a branch, one saying to the other “Patience my ass, I’m gonna kill something.”  The WNAP Buzzard was originally drawn with the remains of a WIFE banner in it’s beak.  It had eaten the competition.
  • David Letterman would contribute to WNAP with phone-ins on a regular basis.  He asked for a full time job, but station management didn’t want to pay him the $85/week he was asking at the time.


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